Thursday, July 21, 2011

Rome part one

I hope you like these photos of Rome, some of the most amazing historical sites smack in the middle of a sprawling city,  beginning with this huge monument constructed for the first king of Italy

St Peters

 getting ready for an audience with the pope for easter

Piazza Navona and the fountains of the four major rivers of the world

 the tower commemorating Marcus Aurelius

 The famous Spanish Steps

 Ancient Rome Looking back towards the Coloseum

to be continued, there is so much to see here, it took us a week to just see all this!


Lynne said...

I loved Rome when I was there in 1983; thanks for sharing photos of my memories.

Helsie said...

Fabulous photos. Tell me did you go on a tour or just do your own thing? I am dying to see Italy but don't want to do a tour and tales of huge queues for those not on a tour puts me off.

Michele said...

Thanks for sharing these photos! I really enjoy seeing where other bloggers have been :-) what a great trip!