Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Dogs life

Reasons for very little creativity happening at this moment:
  •  craft room makeover- one child gone one to go! I  stopped to look at daughters room and began thinking about what that will be, probably will stay as is for another 15 years before we find the bed.
  • renovations upstairs- painting done, flooring in progress, curtains still to be decided, slight disagreement with other interested party, i will win.
  •  pool house reconstruction, old one fell over, other interested party somewhat disinterested in any work involved, handyman hired at ridiculous rate.
  • two truckloads of mulch to be moved, other interested party has moved some while planting more silly trees in silly places, gardener will be happy his retirement fund will be replenished.
  • sorting through stupid amount of paper work that other interested party continues to pile up on office desk, floor, couch and then requests assistance in trying to find one particularly important visa document for travel to the usa. for the next day.of course.
  • working like a dog to pay for aforementioned renovations, not my dog of course, she lies around looking like a permanent rug, an incredibly shaggy and molting kind wandering if there is a snack to be found

Have a great weekend everyone!


Lynne said...

Sounds like you need a craft break!

Helsie said...

Sounds like situation normal to me. I sometimes think these "interested parties" are only around to drive us crazy! (or carry heavy suitcases when we travel and reach high places !!!)

Myra said...

Ah you make me laugh with the way you point all these things out!!! lol!!! Funny lady!! 8-)

Seriously though, sounds like you've got your hands full in your patch of the world! I hope you find some form of peaceful days sometime soon! 8-)

Love your "rub"... 8-)