Tuesday, July 5, 2011

the book list

This is my contribution to list 5 in 52 weeks, you can see some more over here at On the brink of something beautiful
This sounds a bit like the bucket list for avid readers!
Well my list will be favourites, i dont really like fiction although i did read the first few harry potter series! Anyway here goes, these are ones i have read and love
  • Long walk to Freedom, Nelson Mandela, very inspring story of courage and strength
  • Marley and Me, John Grogan, a beautiful story of his life with a dog full of life
  • My Mothers Castle and My Fathers Glory, Marcel Pagnol, this is probably my favourite of all time, a wonderful story of growing up in Paris and travelling to their country retreat in the early 1900,s Marcel remembered all these amazing details of his adventures and his precious family. He also wrote Jean De Florette and Manon De Sources, which were made into a film. He went on to be a founder of modern cinema.
  • A Weird Mob, Nino Cullotta, a very amusing account of an italian immigrant and his life when he came to Australia.
We have an italian language series i would love to learn, and to finish french too!
My husband buys travel books all the time, so i love looking at these, a good guide book is invaluable  as i found out in europe, i used a frommers guide for each city, but DK has some fabulous travel books to research before you go anywhere.
  Also i have a lovely bag making book and quilting book that i would like to make a few things from one of these days!
Its lovely to be able to just sit and read in the warm sun on a cool day, one of lifes treats that we should do more often.


marigold jam said...

I must look out for those two by Marcel Pagnol as I loved Manon des sources and Jean de Florette which we first watched iun French when we lived in France and then later found in English in book form. I love the picture of the reader lying in the sunshine!

Ames and Tash said...

I love looking at travel books too, to imagine the possibilities. Ames :)