Wednesday, December 2, 2009

first day of december

The first day of december and now only 24 days until christmas! For the majority of us this will be a joyful time with family and friends celebrating the end of another year. I'm not religious but thank the christians for this holiday so we can all just relax hah! Some of you will be a little stressed at the prospect of having an entire family gathering to cater for but really would you have it any other way? For us in the southern hemisphere its hot and humid, so we tend to celebrate outdoors, so its a bit easier to spread out. Generally the bbq is put to good use and the whole affair is a casual one. I am thinking of doing a lunch out this year as we have family members too far away to make it together unfortunately, which is a shame. Its time to wrap the presents to put under the tree, which my children decorated wonderfully, lights and all its really pretty. I also have a number of projects to complete before then so it will head down for a while, So ho ho ho 24 days to go!

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