Wednesday, November 18, 2009

endless celebration

While most of America is madly preparing for thanksgiving, the rest of us are still preoccupied with getting organised for christmas, never mind the turkey, thank you very much its the pudding I'm after. I think Australians are single handledly pulling the rest of the world out of the GFC, the shopping centres are jam packed, trying to find a car space is all out war, I even had a woman in her flash new BMW follow me around the car lot! I should have asked her for a lift to my car! So now my christmas shopping is complete, my credit card bulging at the seams, I can relax until the bills arrive... hmmm
Now its time to drag the tree out of storage, unfurl its mishapen limbs and attempt to decorate with all the preciously kept bling. I always try to get the children to help, but they seem to like to watch me wind the tinsel around myself and then attempt to untangle the pretty lights, which can induce a few choice words, but never mind that its all in the spirit of christmas! 5 weeks to go..

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