Wednesday, November 4, 2009

holy moses

Christmas is nearly upon us and although the northern hemisphere looks like this, we have the aircon blasting. This photo was taken in oz, high up in the alps in autumn, so its a bit different now.
According to our local department stores christmas has been arriving since september, good god who in their right minds is that organised? For the rest of us its an irritating reminder that we will be caught in the maddening crowds come the week before xmas with a list that will be longer than the queue for the chocolate shop in easter.
Or you can escape to somewhere exotic and send your family postcards "wish you were here!" Being from the driest continent on earth xmas here is usually hot, so its usually a fairly casual affair around a bbq and pool if you have one. Everyone is contentedly stuffed with sausages coleslaw and potato salad followed by either pavlova, melting icecream, wine trifle or all three, and numerous bottles of beer and wine.
Although there are others that have a different celebration and some go to mass- does anyone still do this? I would love to have xmas in another country, one that isnt hot and humid. So with that in mind I am thinking Paris would have to be the top of the list, and I might even send a postcard! Viva la France, I hope I get there this christmas, only 7 weeks to go...damn.

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