Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I am moving

Its official I am moving to word press, I have set up the migration, but just need to tweak a few things to get it right, so you still get my posts, and I keep my reading list, but then I am done :) hope you will be patient with me while I do this ! I may need some tech help ! Anyone ?
Its hot as hell here, yesterday topped 40 c even the hospital air con didn't cope to well in the corridors, thank god the patient rooms were fine. Its a bit cooler today, 35c and tomorrow will be a chilly 28c !
Hope your day is going well and hope to see you over at word press soon :)
The address is
i hope this will work


gilly said...

Good luck with your move, hope it all goes smoothly. See you on the other side.

Lynne said...

Sorry I couldn't help you more! See you over there -- I'll still be following!

Anonymous said...

I blog on wordpress and I really like it. You just always have to remember to leave your email in comments because you will always show up as a no-reply blogger no matter what you do.