Friday, March 2, 2012

I think i need help

Ok I've had enough of the junk hanging around, can somebody please come and take it away!  My other half isnt as tidy as he could be, so i need to get rid of half the stuff in our garage so that we can make sense out of what we need, when we can find it that is! I advertised some stuff online, some genuine enquiries have come through, but also getting texts from some damn scammers, they read a bit like this, " hey man u stil got stuff for sale, we make deel",  yeah right, im sure you are making deel! !@#@ scammers!
In other news, one quilt is in the process of being pinned to within an inch of its life, im trying not to repeatedly stab myself with the pins, unsuccessfully.  Picture one deranged looking woman hopping about with enough bad language to make a warfie blush, ok well maybe your grandma!
I tried to make a concerted effort to increase my fitness level by walking up our driveway- it is steep and long! Even that had me gasping by the time i got to the top! I had a clever idea to start hiking mountains, i guess that will be a work in progress now, but i did some laps loll about in the pool this afternoon, so that would count as a move in the right direction surely.
I think i ate something dodgy, my guts is churning and feels weird, all i can think of is the hospital sandwiches i ate yesterday, or the frozen pizza we had for dinner, I know, the hospital could be a bit more health conscious.
ok im gonna go, the lawn needs mowing and the dog is useless at it, no matter how much she tries, she cant reach the pedal, damn it!


Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

when you post your phone number online, spell out some of the numbers six five four, then the programs that grab your phone number, can't do it. I hope it doesn't get to a point where you need to change your number. Wouldn't that be nice if the dogs could keep their own playground looking nice. Love the pic!

Lynne said...

The dog photo and the comment about the length of her legs really made me smile.

BTW, lest you think Blogger has been holding back comments, I am reading all your posts for March, April and May - it's good to finally have a faster internet connection! Thanks so much for your continued support of my blog.