Sunday, February 26, 2012

Meaning of Life?

I just read a condensed version of a book by  psychiatrist  Brian Weiss, called " Many Lives, Many Masters" which explores the past lives of one of his patients through hypnotherapy, this was a complete surprise, having no experience of this previously, and details quite specifically the diaglogue of his patient. It is an amazing recount of her reincarnations and the impacts of her past experiences on her present day life. Its a real confirmation of the beliefs that we do indeed have lessons to learn and we do not move on if we dont come to terms with previous issues in past lives. People are connected for a reason, through these lifetimes. It really does give us an answer for the meaning of life at last. There is a workshop right here where i live, next month, i discovered, right after a chance mention of the book by my chiro, so i will be going as long as there is a spot left for me! It will be an interesting 3 days!

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