Monday, January 2, 2012

Year of the Water Dragon

 Firstly Happy New Year, its the beginning of another year, although chinese new year is not until 23rd Jan, it is the chinese year of the water dragon, which is believed to be a power from heaven, and  is regarded as one of the most auspicious animals in china, woven into the robes of the emperors, even decorating doors pillars and rooftops. I will try to find one for the front door, i like dragons., and we have our own resident water dragon who frequents the edge of the pool, but its shy and scoots off at any movement, the dog has chased it a couple of times and found it up a tree !
 In my little world not much changed on the first day, 12 hours at work, no time to think about anything, and flaked out on the couch trying to stay awake until 8.30 not very successfully!
Today, its the 2nd here already, was lovely just pottering around the garden, trying to decide where to plant a couple of gorgeous hibiscus that have the most beautiful orange flowers, the oregano i planted a while back has gone bonkers with all the warm and wet weather, chillis are starting to go from green to a bright fire engine glossy red, i love the look of them but they are fiery little buggers!
Later i wandered down to the beachside and had a new year drink with a couple of work mates, i do appreciate friends to have a laugh with, genuinely wonderful people, non judgemental, who know whats important in life.
So i think the motto "Dont count the days, make everyday count" will be my flavour of the day !

 Some garden delights


The vege patch will be under construction for a while, its become a weed patch!
Buon Anno!


marigold jam said...

Lucky you to have warm sunshine at New Year! Actually we do have sunshine today but you wouldn't want to sit out in it as it's very chilly out of doors - however it's lovely to look at from inside. Lovely plants you have in your garden too. Bonne Annee

Helsie said...

Love your motto. Could be a very good one to adopt.
Happy New Year

Mrs A said...

thank you ladies!

peppylady (Dora) said...

I'm visiting some different blogs and I came over from Rhoda down to earth.
Gee your out in the garden. Hubby and I are talking about what seeds we need. Usual this time of year we have a snow blower going.
Those are sure pretty flowers and the coffee is on.