Tuesday, December 27, 2011

new year resolutions

I think I will start this now. Yes before the clock ticks over to 2012, I am going to start getting organised.
Ok, here goes, what the, every time i hit the enter key this thing keeps just blinking away in the same spot, grr
Ok now where was i? Oh yeah,
1. Stop procrastinating. grr, this is really annoying, enter you stupid machine, today,
2. Start getting organsised. Oh i said that already, um let me see, i should be doing something, oh i know
3. Write purposeful posts, not just fluff that is eye candy, well its nice to look at pretty pictures all day, I must      admit, and i know of a couple of really well followed blogs that do just that, all smoke and mirrors, but i         guess thats what people like, not me, nooo...
4. Hmm, the grout looks grotty in this room, i should clean that, oh and i need to clean the kitchen cabinets, but i did spray the weeds yesterday, my god they have gone bonkers, hubby is not great at using the sprayer, he eyes it with disdain and stubbornly insists on hand weeding. The whole 5 acres. Seriously, the man is crazy. I need to find a gardener who doesnt charge the earth, i could pay in dirt actually, 5 acres of it. Now that would solve the weeding.
Now i found these amazing photographs by a gent on flicker, i couldnt stop looking at them, this is way more fun than weeding, or cleaning, i hope you like them too, real eye candy..did i just say that?

Following photos are by steve wall, his macro shots are stunning, little droplets of joy.

 And just something nature provided for a laugh...

happy new year!

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