Tuesday, June 14, 2011

52 lists in 52 weeks

 I found this linky via a lovely blog Random thoughts do or di, so this week its 10 things you learnt while overseas, ok, only 10? If you would like to join here is where you need to go!

ok I was trying to be clever like di but it didnt work out! So here's my list
  1. Have fun that's what holidays are about
  2. Keep a sense of humour, it will keep you sane too!
  3. Be prepared to go off the beaten track to see something special
  4. Have respect for others
  5. Try and learn a little of the local language, it helps and can create some laughs!
  6. Try not to walk around with your jaw hanging open at wonderous places!
  7. Do  research  where you are going before you get there, it saves time and money, and sanity!
  8. Take the time to smell the roses
  9. Take a warm coat, t-shirt and jeans, you will be warm/ cool and practical
  10. Take loads of photos and make sure your 14yr old hasnt wandered  off into the midst of a huge crowd in a foreign city with no cell ph!
Happy travels!


Lynne said...

Uh-oh! That last one sounds a little scary! What happened?

Mrs A said...

I raced around like a looney looking for her (around St Peters in Rome) and finally found her in the sistine chapel -thanking god literally! She had wondered into the library off the chapel, while i thought she must have left and gone outside!
I must say it was a panicky half hour!