Saturday, February 12, 2011

colourful thoughts

 The latest quilt which i thought i would just sew squares together, but it looked a bit boring so i cut some up into triangles, i think it turned out ok, although i must admit i forgot to trim the squares down so now they are bigger than the triangles, but oddly it still came together ok. There are a few places where lines dont meet, but i am  living with it, and the colours are so vibrant it makes me feel very happy when i look at it. I love the bright colours, i think they say a fair bit about the sort of person i am,  which i woul like to think of as colourful, not perfect, not too boring!

This i just had to get a photo of, one of those priceless moments !

Sam will be leaving soon to join the army, we will miss him greatly, he is just like this in life, full of fun and loads of enthusiasm, i pray he stays safe. The dog wasnt sure about having stars for eyes, but she is so sweet, she sat there for him!

I have also just picked up a very interesting book called The Brain That Changes Itself by Norman DoigeMD, which is all about how our brains can change its physical pathways according to how we think and feel, or if injured or impaired and  how it can adapt to heal itself, which medical science previously thought not possible. This gives hope to many people with disabilities due to brain injury or malfunction.
Did you know that blind people actually use the visual part of  their brain to "see" brail through their fingers, and if this is blocked they cant read.
So if you think hard enough about something , visualise the task, and do this consistently, your brain will create the pathway to make it possible, amazing! Food for thought indeed.
Freud was one of the first to discover this through his work on neurophysiology back in 1895 and published  'Project for  a Scientific Psychology' one of the first models to integrate brain and mind, still regarded today.
So we are what we think, and we can be what we think we want to be!

Have a thoughtful weekend everyone!


marigold jam said...

Love the quilt. Thought provoking idea you tell us about from that book too! Good luck to Sam.


Beeshebags said...

Thinking thinking thinking....nope didn't task, was to grow up instead of out....didn't work, however, I'll re-try the concept on a more achievable task and let you know the outcome! Hugs Naomi

P.s. Quilt looks great.

Melissa Plank said...

Lots of great pictures, wonderful projects!