Wednesday, June 16, 2010

this is the raggy quilt i made for my little girls 14th birthday, i had to sew like a woman possessed  (more than usual) to get it finished in time, which was no small feat considering i hadnt even done all the squares and had three days to complete a queen bed sized quilt.  But i did it, and she loves it,  now i thought that i would start another one and marg helped me with the selection of colours (thank you margie) and i have cut out most of the fabric, so now i can relax and let it sit for a while!

In the meantime a cake was baked, i used a good ole womans weekly recipe, which included a whole(omg) 250g bar of chocolate, 4 eggs, and a few other ingredients, it came out a bit flat  but was still good. Again she loved it so another winner!

Then the biggest, er, oldest kid got out the sparklers and poppers !

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Marg said...

I am glad you added the (more than usual) as I was thinking that. The quilt looks gorgeous. Well done!