Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Easy peasy pin wheels

Finally after two weeks of pouring rain we had a some of the concreting done :) The concrete pipe was fed through from the front door out to the back!

I won't bore you with more renos.

Instead here is my easy way to do pin wheels, well i think it was easy :)

Start with two squares of different fabric, mine were 10" layer cake,
 cut them across both diagonals without moving them after the first cut :)

You will end up with four 1/4 square triangles from each piece of fabric 
which you then make up like the one below
making sure you have two matching pieces opposite each other

separate the halves and sew two 1/4 triangles right sides together to make two 1/2 square triangles as shown below, all seams are 1/4"

sew the two HST together so you end up with the formation below

then carefully cut them again to make four squares

dont move them after the first cut so the second one is accurate, again :)

and then you will have this

So all you need to do is rotate two of the squares so that you end up with this

sew two of the squares together as you can see below

and repeat for the other two, 
then sew the two rectangles right sides together matching seams so the points will meet, 
using a 1/4 " seam allowance.

And voila here it is !
I hope you like this way to do pin wheels, I did get myself muddled a couple of times when not concentrating and ended up with odd ones !

this is the quilt top done with this method, then set on point,
 next post I will show you how to do this an easy way as well :)
Happy sewing everyone ! 


Lynne said...

I would never have thought of doing them like that!

Madame Samm said...

hi Perhaps we were mistaken you were in our hop for Nancy button....on your blog and no post..our apologies

Gmama Jane said...

Where is your Nancy Drew project, dear?

Mrs A said...

Thanks for the visits but I am not in the nancy drew hop !