Sunday, January 27, 2013


After months of drought cyclone ozwald has hit bringing wild weather to our coast, we have had so much rain its ridiculous ! I think our climate is changing, there have been such extremes, if its not bushfires its flood. I woke up to such gale force wind i thought the roof would fly off, luckily its still on ! It certainly put aussie day celebrations in the can up here.
Blogger doesnt seem to cooperate, again, with adding photos although i am using an ipad, so not sure if this makes a difference.  I'm not sure i like the limited functions of the ipad, but it is convenient to have. Its a good day to sit and sew, i have a few things to get on with, providing the power stays on, im not much of a hand sewer ! So happy weekend to all, hope its nice where you are :)


Helsie said...

Glad to hear you are surviving this weather OK.
I am hoping to be able to post from our ipad when we go on holidays but can only do it with the pictures all at the bottom of the post. Can you give me any hints? One of the reasons we bought the ipad was to lessen the load when we travel but I'm disappointed about blogging from it.
Happy sewing !!

Lynne said...

The rain band finally hit Sydney in the wee hours of this morning. Our Australia Day was warm and humid as the storm front approached.

I'm not sure if I've said this to you or someone else, if I write my posts on my iPad (which I try not to), I do it on the Blogger app, publish it, then skip over to Safari, open Blogger Dashboard and edit the post there because I can only get the photos to go at the bottom of the posts using the app. I edit in HTML because I can't see all of draft post in "compose" mode!

quilary said...

I hope the rain is easing where you are and you are spared any flooding and damage.