Saturday, June 2, 2012

What? its June already?

The year is spinning along at an alarming rate,  I am still trying to keep up, could someone slow it down please I'm getting dizzy! Although it could be the virus affecting my brain at the moment, damn colds.

Well this is the latest quilt that I am in a dilemma about, what to quilt on it? Its not speaking to me at the moment, its gone all snobby french, "quoi?", and has made me nervous ! Oh well it can just sit there on its fancy white couch and pout!
So of course I will start another project, I'm thinking a nice down to earth kind, and have a lovely collection called urban cowgirl!

 She will be perfect! I can see her in a lovely oatmeal backing, humming lullabies while doing the chores, ah a good country gal!

This is my work station, as my son keeps coming back home and kicking me out of his room, so its back to the dining table again!

What have you been up to? I"m linking up with Lily's Quilts for a lovely meeting with like minded bloggers, come and join us!


Lynne said...

I went shopping at the remnant warehouse (Sydney) this morning and bought 4 metres of the most beautiful pin-striped beige on cream; and one metre of each of two flannels with racing cars on them for a surprise quilt for Older Grandson.

Lauren said...

Hello, I love the soft color selections in your scrappy quilt. I've never seen the Southpark character with the tank top before too funny! It does feel like the voices in your head tell you to craft, sometimes, doesn't it?? Carry on, and happy jubilee!

Janine said...

I love the 'snobby french' quilt! It's really elegant. And the cowgirl fabrics fun :)

Ali Hughes said...

Thanks for visiting my site! Your picture is gorgeous (at the top of your page)! It looks like you love to travel...I do to! Traveling and quilting are so fun. :) I work at the dining room table a lot, too. :P Mostly because it's way bigger than my little sewing desk. Although it is a hassle to pull everything out and put it away when guests come over...

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