Thursday, November 4, 2010

another great day in paradise!

The weather here has been fabulous, so when not at work i have been trying to do stuff outside. The rose bush is in full bloom, its so pretty,  i am trying to find another one to match.

Today its raining so i think it will be a perfect opportunity to some handiwork inside, this is what i have under construction at the moment, this was taken at night so its actually a fair bit brighter than this photo.

 The fabric is Verna which i have had for some time, i will put some white charm squares aound the coloured blocks and then border with the same verna fabric. Hopefully it will be a simple and quick project this time!
Hope your day is  fun and creative !

1 comment:

marigold jam said...

Lovely rose and that quilt - quick and simple it is not to me! That would be a lifetime's achievement for me - it's going to be beautiful!