Saturday, August 28, 2010

My MIL used to say "if wishes were fishes we would all cast our nets in the sea"
I think she was trying to tell us that we are already so fortunate, and that hard work was character building! She was a good stick, she loved her family and was a great mum and grandmum. She died too early unfortunately, but one of her great loves was travelling, so i think i would like to travel the world and see as much as i can. As soon as the kids are off. Or at least able to drive around - one down one to go. These are a few of the more well known cities i would love to see, which are on my wish list.

Italy of course, the art, history and culture

This is Vicenza where my fathers family is from, no wonder i love snow

of course

and say hello to the lady 

and have lunch here in NY central park

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