Friday, May 21, 2010

Nether land

A long time ago far far away, i was in a salon getting some bits waxed and wot not, when another woman who had just had her wot not done, lifted her dress to show us the handiwork. A bit unusual, as she had it dyed bright red and shaped into a heart for her valentine. cute. Thats what i thought at the time. Now i think i would dye it black and into the shape of skull and cross bones.
Its funny how we call things differently depending on where we are from, the one that comes to mind is how americans call their bottoms fanny, which here refers to female genitalia. That could be interesting in  mixed company, imagine the response to 'watch your fanny' or 'pat on the fanny' here in ok... So now whats with the fanny pack? Hmm maybe it has an emergency supply of  lubricant, razor, or tampons ?
Other transcontinental potential  misconceptions;
napkin n. Cloth or paper towel to protect the clothes while eating. Australasians refer to napkins as serviettes. Saying ``napkin'' may make Australasians think of a sanitary napkin, which is used to absorb menstrual blood.
root vi. 1. To cheer for a sports team. Root is an offensive Australian slang verb meaning ``have sexual intercourse with''. Announcing to an Australian that you ``are a cheerleader, so you don't see many football games because you are in the stands rooting'' will give a misleading impression about your devotion to the team. 2. To grow roots. ``I rooted some plants'' is practised by vegiphiles in Australia. 3. To dig or rummage. ``I was rooting around in my room for the rent money'' is done only if an Australian does not actually have the rent money.
n. An Australian may take the noun to refer to his or her sexual partner. Even so, saying ``I tripped over a root'' will occasion only the tiniest frisson of delight in your Australian correspondent; he or she will understand.
bugger n. (American slang) Someone who is mildly but persistently annoying. This term is used by older Australasians, however, to refer to someone who engages in sodomy, which is not usually even discussed, much less practised, in polite company.
So now im gonna bugger off and root around for a fanny pack that doesnt have napkins .. ;)

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Lana@The Kids Did WHAT?! said...

Oh my God. I just recently read about the fanny term, but had no clue about root. I'll NEVER say root again without giggling like the pervert I am.

Someone SHOWED you her bits? Yikes! ... Come to think of it, if I spent any amount of money on having someone stuff there face in my "area" to rip out hair then coulour the remaining? ... Yeah, I'd feel the need to show it off too, I suppose.