Saturday, February 6, 2010

template issues

I did a new template for my blog a little while ago and I have been trying to figure out why leaving comment/ return message was difficult and it seems the word verification box was too small unless the reader scrolled down and across so i just removed this option and now anyone can send a message.... hello?? where is everyone? Oh thats alright i am patient. hmmm. hey marg how you doin?
well not  much else new, just working and doing the odd bit of sewing/ knitting, the latest project is a phone sock requested from my son, complete with his initial and a pair of red smiley lips! He's nearly 17 so i thought it was cute. Then i have to finish the jumper i started for my daughter, should be ready for winter - which will be all of a couple of cool days maybe as low as 15c if we are lucky. Will post photos later, muuuch later!


Marg said...

That is much better and easier too. Where's the photos of Js jumper????

Munted kowhai said...

i know i can't be with optus either, they dont do my street!
oh poos.
i'm getting telstra.
i'm finally settling in! its great, going to post pics!